Acquire General Trading and Contracting has the pleasure to launch a program designed to upgrade the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen and household staff in three phases. 

Phase one: Our trained staff will visit your home and assess your kitchen and household staff, to check the cleanliness and the safety of food that is being prepared and served to you. Our safety and hygiene specialist will assess, and check your kitchen, equipment, and staff to recommend the necessary missing criteria and report back to you on the safety of your kitchen and the current knowledge and cleanliness of your staff in the your Kitchen. 

Phase two: An Acquire General Trading and Contracting kitchen and hygiene trainer will visit your household and conduct a slide show presentation in which vital information about safety food handling, proper food storing, temperature reading, staff hygiene, proper sanitation and cross contamination is explained. Each household will receive a packet with all the information taught to the employees. Important rules, codes and temperature stickers are provided for the staff to stick on the fridges and freezers to severe as a constant reminder. 

An actual dining service set up of the tables will also be conducted to improve the knowledge of your household servers for when households have a formal dining and or everyday dinning. Staff will also be taught how to properly serve the guests during functions.

Phase three: Acquire General Trading and Contracting will provide you with a clear report on any changes needed to be made in your kitchen, whether it be buying new products or replacing existing utensils. For a separate charge Acquire General Trading and Contracting will provide you with a full set of color coded knives and chopping boards to guarantee the correct usage with the right foods. 

If you wish for us to continue with providing you with the larger equipment, we would be happy to assist you with our special deals and offer directly from the supplier. 

A follow up visit can be arranged after 30 days to assess the training and insure that all aspect are still up to the Acquire General Trading and Contracting Kitchen Hygiene standards. 

Location: Rakan Tower, 7th floor

Phone numbers 22901502 / 22901503